Using Banners for Birthdays

April 18, 2012


Birthday celebrations can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to organize the perfect party for your loved ones. There are so many things to think about and no party is enjoyable without decorative items. So you’ve got your plates, party bags, table cloths, centerpieces and balloons but you don’t want your party to look cheap and flat. So what can be that finishing touch to your party? Here at Banner Hub we print the finest indoor and outdoor banners that would be ideal for your celebrations. Sometimes it can be difficult finding a theme for the party. From the ages of 1 to 21 themes can make the party pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Within the team at Banner Hub we have put together our top ten party themes to give you an idea on what to create your banner around.

  1. Fancy Dress – For all ages dressing up in whatever takes your fancy can be a fun experience.
  2. Princess & Pirate theme – More for the younger ages get the children to dress up as their favourite character and base the decorations on that theme.
  3. Space and Science – More for the boys – Make rockets and planets to decorate the house.
  4. Chocolate Tasting – For all ages, everyone loves chocolate and what a great way to celebrate a birthday by eating and tasting a variety of chocolate.
  5. Cupcake Party – Decorate cupcakes, what a perfect way to spend time with friends and family!
  6. Disco – For all ages, hire a hall or at home play music and dance to your favourite tunes.
  7. Garden Party – If it’s the right season a garden party is perfect for get together’s.
  8. Sleepover – For the teens and younger ages – watch films, play games and enjoy.
  9.  Cultural themed parties – For all ages whether its Spanish, Indian or Italian make food and dress up to suit the theme.
  10.  Hollywood theme – Again for all ages, dress up as your favourite famous person and party in style!

 Now you have our top 10 themed party ideas, all there is left to do now is create your decorative banner. With a wide range of banner templates we guarantee you will find and create that perfect finishing touch to your birthday celebration. Create your banner to suit the age of the birthday girl or boy and to their tastes or likes. There is no limit! Visit and start designing your ideal reusable party banners today!

Printed outdoor Diamond Jubilee banners – a great way to promote your Diamond Jubilee street party

March 21, 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee takes place over the extended weekend of 2-5th June 2012. Many street parties and events are expected to be held over this weekend to celebrate the occasion. Street parties are a tradition that started in 1919. More recently street parties have been held to celebrate Royal Weddings such as the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981 and then the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. To find out more about street parties visit

To promote your street party a full colour printed banner is a good choice for advertising your events. Take a look at The Banner Hub at street party banner templates for ideas, there are templates with bunting, the Union Jack or you can start from a blank canvas. The Banner Hub website allows you to either design your own banner from scratch or use a pre designed template to add your own words. If you are stuck for ideas or time simply contact The Banner Hub for a quote and we will turn your ideas into a wonderful professional banner, call us on 0844 8118750 or fill in an artwork request online. If you prefer to use your own design software then you can upload your own banner through The Banner Hub ftp upload. Turnaround time is quick with banners being delivered within 5 working days. In terms of size you can have a banner any size you require, our website deals with standard sizes from 4ft x 2ft, for sizes that are not displayed online simply contact us on 0844 8118750 for more details. Banner prices are very competitive; a 4ft x 2ft banner is £19inc VAT and delivery to your door.

The Banner Hub banners are ideally suited for street party promotions as they are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, all banners come with eyelets all around the banner edge to enable you to hang the banner. Outdoor banners can be reused time and time again for your future events and promotions.

Start designing your street party banner now. Or call us to talk through your street party celebrations on 0844 8118750.

Top 10 Schools fundraising ideas

February 15, 2012

Fundraising events are fun, exciting and enjoyable ways to raise money for a charity, your local community or school. There are many entertaining ways in which you can raise money. By creating banners you can easily add that perfect touch to your fundraising event and create awareness to the local community about your cause, organisation or nonprofit services. Here at the Banner Hub we have been working hard to give you our ‘Top 10 fundraising ideas for schools’ and after working hard here’s what we came up with.

1 Get Active- Challenge yourself to walk, jump, hop, skip, and run or swim as many miles as you can and get sponsored per mile.
2 Go Casual – Wear your own clothes or go in fancy dress for the day at school but pay a £1.
3 Cake Sale – Sell homemade cakes to your friends, family and teachers.
4 Talent Show – Show off your talents to friends and family who pay to watch you.
5 Go Without – Give up something you love and get sponsored per day you do it.
6 Summer/Christmas or Easter fair – Donate toys or things you don’t need any more to sell to the local community.
7 Arts and Crafts Day – Get the children to create different crafty things then have an Art Exhibition for the parents to buy tickets for and see the work the children have been doing.
8 Sponsored Reading – Get parents or teachers to sponsor you per every book you read.
9 Raffle – Donate unwanted toys or gifts for people to win.
10 Come Dancing – Ask your teacher if they can help you organise a school disco for all years!

Top 10 Schools fundraising ideas

So now you have many ideas in ways to raise money, but how would you raise awareness to the local community or friends within the school about your event? That’s where we come in. At The Banner Hub you can create and design your very own banner to your tastes and likes. The personalised banners can be the finishing touch that you need for your school fundraising events. With a wide range of templates for schools we can provide banners for indoor and outdoor dealings. Get creating today and visit to design your reusable fundraising banner!

A Great Way to Help You Celebrate From the banner hub

February 2, 2012

Printed banners are a great way to advertise your company or help to add a sense of occasion to any celebration.

The banner hub can help you make your next event a success with full colour personalised banners.

Creating your personalised banner with the banner hub is fantastic fun and may be easier than you think.

To really get your juices flowing we’ve thought of a few reasons why you simply can’t afford not to have a printed banner from the banner hub for your next big event!

Read on to find out why or click here to find out more about getting printed banners for your event at great prices…


Reason #1 – The Price
From only £19 including VAT and delivery, printed banners from the banner hub are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your event or decorate your party.
It’s also completely free to have a go at designing your banner, so you have nothing to lose! Have a go now – click here

Reason #2 – You Have Complete Control
By using the banner hub website you create your very own unique, fully personalised banner yourself, so you have complete control over how your banner looks. Choose the size you want, the background colour and add your own text and images quickly and easily.

Reason #3 – Fast Turnaround
You will receive your banner within 5 working days, so if you order your banner on a Monday before 5pm you will receive your banner on Friday of the same week or before. If you need a banner on a really quick turnaround please just contact us and we can then check the production schedule.

 Reason #4 – Banner Hub Banners Are Weather Resistant
Your banner will be suitable for use indoors and outdoors and will last for years and years.
They are also fully hemmed and eyeleted, so are ready for you to put in position straight away.

Reason #5 – There Are Lots of Templates Available
The pre-designed banner templates on the banner hub website make it even easier to create your personalised banners.
There are birthday templates, business templates and templates for special occasions. Just choose your favourite, select your size and add your own text. Click here to choose your template

Olympic Banners

January 13, 2012

Hosting the 2012 Olympics in London this year is such a huge event and one many of us will want to make the most of. Whether you’re directly involved in the games, hosting an Olympic related event or having a special Olympic related promotion one of the best ways to celebrate is with a printed banner.

They are easy to carry
Banners are very easy to transport – they are lightweight and can be rolled up and unfurled as and when required. This makes them ideal for spectators at any of the Olympic events. Waving your banner is the ideal way to show your support for your favourite sports person or team. And although we can all keep our fingers crossed for the weather, your printed banner could double up as an impromptu shelter during a sudden downpour!

Printed banners are ideal for Olympic themed events and promotions
If you’re hosting an Olympic event in a school or a pub, a printed banner is one of the easiest ways to get people through your door. Display your banner in a place that will get lots of passing traffic and you’ll be sure to attract lots of attention! The banners can be used indoors or outdoors and are really easy to display. Printed banners from the banner hub are fully finished with eyelets which can be used to put rope or hooks through to secure your banner in place.
Your printed Olympic banner can be used to display flags from around the world for your themed event or can be used to promote the fact that you are showing live events on TV in your pub. When designing your banner on the banner hub website you can also add flags from around the world to your design from the clip art section.

Printed banners are also a great way of displaying any Olympic themed offers and promotions that your business may be running as a way to commemorate the Olympic Games.

Printed banners are very cost effective
Printed banners are widely used in schools and colleges as an extremely cost effective way of promoting Olympic themed events such as special sports days and fundraisers. Printed banners from the banner hub start from only £19 including VAT, so are a fantastic way to invite people to your event and to decorate your sports fields or sports halls. They are available in any size you need and are supplied to you with eyelets along all edges of the banner, making the banners really easy to put into position.

Printed banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Printed banners are also weatherproof, so are suitable for use indoors and outdoors and when you have finished using them you can simply roll them up and store them away, ready for use next time you need them.

Don’t forget – printed banners are ideal for use for any school event you may have coming up and can be reused time and time again.

To help you create your Olympic banner the banner hub has lots of Olympic and sports related banner templates available online. All you need to do is select the template and size you require and then add your own words and images (if required). It couldn’t be easier to make your printed banner!

Visit to design your banner or call 0844 8118750 to discuss your requirements.

Valentine’s Day Banners from the banner hub

January 13, 2012

Are you planning to propose marriage to your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Maybe you own a bar or restaurant and have special plans for this year’s day of love? Or you may just recently have got engaged and having a party to celebrate? The best way to decorate your venue, advertise your special menu or even propose to your partner is with an attractive printed banner.

Printed banners can be displayed inside or outside, hung from railings or attached to walls and are ideal for advertising parties and events this Valentine’s Day. They are weatherproof and easy to roll up and store away for next year. Printed banners from the banner hub are delivered to you with eyelets already in them, making it really easy for you to put your banner up into position.

You could use a printed banner to promote Valentine’s Day events such as Valentine’s Day meals, speed dating, salsa classes, wine tasting, couples massage, spa days, drinks promotions, theatre deals and Valentine’s gifts. Guaranteed to attract attention and raise awareness you’ll feel confident that you’ve got one over on your competition as the phone starts to ring with enquiries!

With prices starting from only £19 (including VAT and delivery) you’ll find that printed banner from the banner hub are one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your Valentine’s Day events.

To find out more go to or call 0844 8118750.

Using Banners for Your Retail Business

January 13, 2012

The large supermarkets have already harnessed the power of the printed banner – displaying their latest product or special offer at every opportunity as you park up or wander around their store. There is no reason why you can’t take a leaf out of their book and do exactly the same for your business. With printed banners being so reasonably priced compared to many other forms of marketing it could also be cheaper than you think.

Make the most of your banner
An average consumer will evaluate your printed banner (and therefore your business) within 3 seconds, so the task to command their attention is a big one. There are a number of ways you can make the most of the banner you’ll be using in your shop or market stall:

  • Choose the right location for your banner. Where will your banner be seen the most? Once you have a way to display your banner in the right place it will be really easy to change your banners regularly.
  • Although many banners have a long indoor and outdoor life, you should keep your banners fresh by changing them regularly. If you have the same banner on display week after week your potential customers will simply stop seeing it. Have a bank of 3 banners that you can display on a rolling program, so it always looks like you have something new to say.
  • Make the design easy to read. Don’t overcrowd it with lots of text and information – choose your key message and stick to it.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable designing your own banner or would like the professional touch just ask a reputable banner printing company about their design service. They will be able to provide a professional service and all you will need to do is tell them what you want. Think about the colours you usually use when promoting your business and the message you want on your banner.

Why choose to use printed banners?

One of the most obvious reasons is the price. With banners starting from only £19 including VAT and delivery it’s hard to think of a reason not to try them! For just £19 you could be promoting your business or services to hundreds or even thousands of people. That’s the kind of return many other marketing methods just can’t deliver.

Printed banners are so versatile. You decide exactly what is shown on the banner and exactly where to put it. If you don’t like the first place you put it for some reason, simply take it down and move it to a different location.

Printed banners are weatherproof, so you can use them indoors and outdoors or take them to any markets you may be trading at.

Banners are really easy to roll up and store away, so if you don’t want to display your banner all the time you can pack it away until you’re ready to use it.

They can be colourful and vibrant, making them really eye-catching. If the banners are digitally printed there will be no extra costs for colours on the banner – it is all included in the price.

You can often get banners very quickly, so if you have an idea for a promotion you could be displaying the banner shouting about this within a few days.

To design your business banner go to or call 0844 8118750.

Printed Summer Fete and Carnival Banners

April 18, 2011

;Music Festival Banner

From £17 delivered to your door All banner prices shown below include VAT and delivery to UK
mainland addresses. Orders are dispatched within 4 working days.

Create a printed banner for your summer fete or event it’s quick & easy! Design your own banner Using the banner designer tool you can design your completely
personalised, bespoke banner. Add your own images and logos and
choose from a range of background and text colours. Banner templates The banner hub also has a selection of pre designed banner templates simply add your own text and images – click here to have a go. Design Service If you have something a little more special in mind there is also a banner design service available to you. For only £25 you will
receive a professional design for your totally unique banner,
carefully created to suit your requirements. Click here to fill in the request form…

Some examples of music event banner templates…

Rainbows and Butterflies Template Flowers Banner Template Toilets Banner Template

These templates can be found in the Events and Borders & Backgrounds categories.


Size (feet)


4 x 2 £17
6 x 2 £29
6 x 4 £45
8 x 3 £46
8 x 4 £68
10 x 3 £65
15 x 4 £102
20 x 4 £136

Great prices – from £17 delivered to your door

Fast turnaround – get your banner within 5 working days

Weatherproof – for indoor and outdoor use

All prices shown include VAT and delivery

Durable – use again and again

Choose any of the sizes above or the banner hub can print any size you require –
please call 01246 573800 and speak to our team about your requirements.

You may also be interested in…

Directional Signage We’re also able to produce lightweight signage to help direct people
to your event and around your event site.For prices and turnaround on these items please call our team on 01246 573800.
Directional signage

More summer fete and event banner templates…

Trees Banner Template Butterflies Banner Template

Silhouettes Banner Template Egg Banner Template

Entrance Banner Template Bunting Banner Template

Zebra Border Banner Arrow Banner Template

To find out more and start designing your banner please click here…You can also read what our customers have to say about the banners we have produced for them in our testimonials section…

Find out more

Do you want people to book now for Christmas?

September 16, 2010

One of the most economical and effective ways to advertise your Christmas events is with an outdoor banner. The banner hub has a selection of  pre designed banner templates to which you can add your own text.

You can also design your own custom banner using the design tools on the website.  Visit the site…

Some example banners

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
  Designing your own banner is really easy and by using a ready-made template  you’ll have a great starting point.
  Just select the template you like, add your own text and images and hey  presto, your banner will be delivered within 5 working days!

  Watch this short video to see for yourself…

 Give us a go from only £16 and enjoy…
Delivery within 5 working days (contact us if you need it quicker)
 2. All inclusive price – prices on the websiteinclude VAT and delivery
 3. Fantastic print quality

 4. Fully finished banners – hemmed & eyeleted

 5. Great customer service – we check all files
     before printing to ensure great results

 6. High quality product – reuse your banner
     over and over again

If you would like a banner designing for you, just fill in our quick form to let us know what you need. Using the design service will ensure that you have a totally unique, professionally designed banner, for the added cost of only £20.
Click here to start the ball rolling…

WW2 Experience Banners

July 7, 2010

“The banners looked great, They received alot of attention from members of the public and other clubs asked who’d done the banner for us .” ” Banner arrived safe and sound yesterday, brilliant, very pleased with the finished product. Many thanks for all your help and appreciate the fast turn around, the banner will look great on our display .”

Geoff – WW2 Experience